The Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit (AIU) of the Belize Department of the Civil Aviation is the entity in Belize responsible for conducting safety investigations independently into aircraft accidents and serious incidents. The AIU promotes aviation safety by drawing safety lessons from investigations, as well as co-managing, along with the Department’s SSP Unit, the reporting systems, namely the mandatory occurrence reporting system and the voluntary incident reporting system.


  1. Institute and conduct investigations in a manner consistent with the Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO, Annex 13 on Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and under the provisions to be incorporated into the Civil Aviation Act.
  2. Maintain objectivity, impartiality and independence in the course of its accident and serious incident investigations.
  3. Collaborate with the regional and international accident investigation communities and aviation industry to keep abreast of accident investigation advances and enhance aviation safety by promoting the sharing of expertise, experiences and safety information.
  4. Collaborate with the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil aviation to ensure allocation of sufficient financial, human and corporate resources for accident and incident investigations.
  5. Equip staff with proper skills and expertise to competently discharge their accident and incident investigation responsibilities.